How You’re Supposed to Benefit from Transportable Granny Flats

A granny flat is a practical solution if you are looking for a secondary or alternative dwelling. You can choose one that is built in your land or something like transportable granny flats Adelaide that you can take everywhere. The truth is adding it to your property is not merely about practical use because it also will improve the value of your home when you decide to sell it soon. Back in the day, a granny flat was nothing but an additional room to accommodate a new member of the family, a visiting relative, and for old folks. It was a little or mini home with no distinctive features and aesthetic value. But with the onset of modern architecture and design principles, a granny flat these days has become quite a valuable addition to a residential property.

The benefits of adding granny flats include the following:

1 – You can take advantage of it as additional rental income.

One of the most notable perks of investing in a granny flat is that you can rent it out and obtain additional income in the process. In Australia, there is a potential for you to get a return of about $300 per week. That is a figure you certainly will welcome with open arms if you are one of those property owners who want to make the most out of your home.

2 – Adding a granny flat eases the pressure brought by the responsibility of paying a mortgage.

The unfortunate thing about loans and the real estate industry in Australia these days is that banks seemingly have agreed to increase interest rates, thereby making it a challenge for anyone who is taking a home loan. So, if you build a granny flat, you can get the additional income you need which you can use to pay for your mortgage. Keep in mind that the price of a granny flat is considerably lower compared to any other investment you plan on making to add usable living space to your property.

3 – A granny flat will help in keeping the family close.

You may not feel the need for it today, but you will eventually realise that transportable granny flats Adelaide will help in keeping everyone in the family close to each other. Once your kids begin growing up and becoming increasingly independent, you will feel the necessity of adding space. So, instead of some of your kids choosing to move out, adding an extension like that of a granny flat will make them think twice about living separately. If you are the head of the family who wants to keep everyone under one roof, then you will appreciate the value of a granny flat.

Those are just 3 of the many benefits you get to enjoy by adding a granny flat on your property. The best thing about the home improvement project is that you get to pick a unique design to reflect your preferences and style.