Foot Care Tips for Sports Enthusiasts

The feet are very critical parts of the body for sports enthusiasts who believe in the power of physical activity. For most sporty people, the feet play a significant role in sports aspects such as balancing, running, jumping, stretching, and other related exercises.


If you’re among the people who want to keep your lifestyle healthy through engaging in various sports, you should also be aware of proper foot care measures. Awareness is the first step towards achieving your sport-related goals and bodily targets.


Here are some of the trending foot care applications among athletes and sports aspirants this year.


  1. Ankles


The ankles are often the parts of your feet that experience a lot of pressure. These are also prone to injuries, especially for those who are into basketball, soccer, marathon running, and the likes.


Remember to warm up before getting into action. You can ask you’re your specialist at the podiatry clinic Adelaide regarding warm up tips for the feet that will not pose injury risks. Some warm exercises found online may not apply to everyone, so consult with your podiatrist first.


  1. Achilles Heel


You may have heard it on Twitter, but Kevin Durant’s (Golden State Warriors’ forward) Achilles heel injury during Game 5 of the NBA Finals 2019 was pretty serious. It was a sad day for NBA fans who were hoping for his glorious return to the finals.


You can take care of your Achilles heels by stretching the muscles on your lower legs frequently. If you’re healing from an Achilles heel injury, it is best to visit your podiatry clinic Adelaide on scheduled checkups, so you will know if you are finally ready to take on simple exercises.


  1. Leg Cramps


Many marathon runners experience leg cramps. Podiatrists recommend stretching before a long run and doing the same at the end of the race. Experts say you shouldn’t sit down right away or slump on the floor after a long race since it could result in muscle cramps on your leg area.



  1. Metatarsal Care


Metatarsalgia is very common among soccer players in Australia. The pain can be unbearable sometimes, especially among younger players who may be less intolerant to pain. Podiatry experts believe that metatarsalgia, or pain on the ball of the foot, can be impacted by inappropriate footwear.


Make sure you wear soccer shoes both during practice and during a game. Your feet need to get used to wearing soccer shoes so they will get used to the pointy feeling on the soles. Wearing the right pair of shoes while playing will also prevent metatarsal fractures or sprains.


Foot care is critical when you love sports. Whether it’s soccer, basketball, or marathon, and any other game, you should keep your feet in good shape at all times. Visit your podiatry clinic regularly even if you don’t feel anything weird to make sure your feet are healthy and ready for an upcoming race or game.