Physio & Pilates Working Side-by-Side – Core Concepts

Throughout their courses in history, physio & Pilates Adelaide have always been linked to each other. Both share the same goal of achieving better physical functioning. However, they are entirely different mediums. Physiotherapy is a physical method that involves heat treatment, massage, and exercise. It’s known for treating injuries and deformities without the need for synthetic drugs. On the other hand, Pilates is a system of exercises that are tailored towards treating physical pain and injuries. It uses special apparatuses that are designed to improve physical strength: flexibility and posture.

Physio & Pilates AdelaideLooking at these practices in hindsight, you can assume that they are seemingly similar in a lot of areas, particularly in treating physical ailments. That’s why they are great when paired together. They both feature concepts that complement each other in a lot of ways. Many patients who have undergone both physio & Pilates Adelaide have shown significant improvement throughout the years.

Clinical Pilates vs. Pilates

Clinical Pilates is used for treating people with musculoskeletal injuries. A physiotherapist usually conducts it with clinical Pilates certification. If a patient experiences an injury or chronic injuries, they may have muscle spasm, joint stiffness, abnormal movement patterns, or poor posture as a cause or result of the injury. That means it’s essential to treat the above injuries before proceeding to actual Pilates.

In addition, certain Pilates exercises tend to aggravate the symptoms. A good example is someone who may experience back pain due to overextension in the lower back. This person may have an exaggerated lordotic posture, which means extension Pilates exercises may not be advisable. It also implies that extension Pilates may not be picked up if that person attends a routing Pilates class. This class involves doing a combination of both extension and flexion exercises.


Selecting the right type of Pilates is important. At the same time, you should also select the appropriate level. Some levels may be too challenging for people with back pain. It will cause the patient to compensate and use stronger global muscles as opposed to their core muscles due to the pain. Having tested your range of movement and muscle strength, the physiotherapist will be able to make sure that the exercise you perform is appropriate. They ensure that you won’t encounter any exercise that’s challenging and detrimental to your recovery.

So, as you can see, physio & Pilates Adelaide work well with each other. Talk to one of our doctors today to discover more about these physical treatments.