Why You Should Have You Palm Tree Pruned

We all love the beauty and value offered by palm trees which is the reason why many people and business plant palm trees in their premises. Now, whether you are a homeowner or a business owner who have planted palm trees, you should know the need to prune your palm trees. Besides the usual benefits that many people know of pruning to achieve good looks, there are many other reasons you might consider pruning your palm tree. Some of this reason will be explained in details in this article.

The first thing why we need to prune palm trees is to remove dead or dying fronds. After some time, you will note the presence of dead or dying fronds on your palm tree. These fronds make you tree unattractive and can as well cause stunt growth. This why you should have them pruned to keep your tree healthy and attractive.

If your palm tree is near a building or other home structures, you can have the palm tree pruned to minimise potential fire hazards. If you have dry fronds and your tree is hairy, it can quickly catch fire in case your house or other structure is under fire. To prevent such unfortunate occurrences where you palm tree catches fire, you should keep your palm tree pruned and shaved.

If you have a palm tree with huge dying fronds all over the tree, they will block your visibility near your driveway. Also, such fronds block your visibility when you want to look at your landscape, and that is why you need to avail pruning services. By having them pruned off, you can view everything clearly and keep the tree healthy as well.

When your palm tree is not pruned, it will have many dead fronds and other unuseful fronds that are just adding weight to your palm tree. In case of a strong wind, since your palm tree is already heavy, it can easily be shaken, and in the worst case scenario fall cause destruction to your property and other nearby utilities. To avoid such cases, you should have your palm tree pruned regularly.

The above are just some reasons to have a palm tree pruned. However, you should never try to prune a palm tree on your own for your safety especially if you cannot reach the fronds when standing on the ground. The best thing is to hire professional palm tree pruning services.

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