Mobility Scooters: Tips to Keep Your Batteries Working

All mobility scooters online are almost two-packaged and come with a 12-month warranty that protects against any manufacturing defects that could eventually lead to battery life.

The battery life of the mobility scooter indeed varies depending on several factors.

Mobility Scooters OnlineAlthough under normal circumstances, it can be expected that they will good for at least two years, it is quite possible to increase their service life if they are maintained well and cared for.

Here are the most useful tips to increase the battery life of your mobility scooter:

Use Them at Full Capacity When They Are New

When the batteries are new, it is always advisable to use them as close to their charge as possible. This over an initial period increases the chances of operating the batteries at their maximum capacity in the long run. Avoid charging at closer intervals if the batteries and scooter are new.

Maintain the Habit of Charging

An essential thing to remember is that you should never interrupt the process of charging the battery. In other words, before taking out the mobility scooter to use it, it is necessary to let it charge completely. A simple tip to make sure the batteries are 100% charged is to charge it every night and leave the battery overnight.

Never Overload; Do Not Use an Incorrect Charger

Use only the charger supplied with the electric scooter. Even if another charger is suitable for your battery, do not use it! Nothing can hurt the battery as much as using another charger. When you receive a notification that your batteries are fully charged, remove the power plug from the mains and stop charging.

Keep the Batteries Dry

Any type of moisture is hazardous for all batteries and their lives, and so are the mobility scooter batteries. Make sure the batteries are not wet at all times. If the electric scooter gets wet for any reason, always remove the batteries and clean them with a dry cloth.



Keep in a Cool, Dry Place When Not in Use

Batteries are the most critical element of all mobility scooters online and must be handled with great care. Have a very safe and dry place for the batteries to charge them and also make sure that the place where you store them is cold and dry. Extreme heat or sunlight has harmful effects on the battery.

Now that you know the correct way to take care of your mobility scooter batteries, you can expect to keep them for a while and extend their life!