Are You Reroofing Your Home – Consider the Following Upgrades

If you want to keep your home in its pristine condition, then you have to think about the usefulness of everything in it, from the deck, windows and the roof over your head. The roof is the most overlooked part of the home for as long as there are no visible problems just yet. However, this should not be the case if you want your home to serve you well and stand the test of the time. Therefore, you need to have regular roof inspection as it is from such inspection that you will know the condition of your roof. If there are problems in your roof and the roofer has advised you to re-roof, then there are a few upgrades you need to consider.

Re-Roofing* Eave flashing – Cold weather can cause ice dam to build up around the eaves of your roof which can cause damage. An eave flashing upgrade creates a seal over the eaves and other areas of concern to keep water out.

* Gutters – Gutters are critical in any roof system. In your old roof, you probably have old gutters that are not only rusty but also saggy. When you have a reroofing project, it is the perfect time to replace your gutters with contemporary gutters. This time, you will not only install quality gutters but also ensure that you have included gutter protection. It will reduce the number of times you have to clan your gutters by saving you both time and money. Also, with modern gutters and gutter guards in place, you can be sure that there will be no water damage.

* Shingles – A smart way to reduce the cost of running your AC during the summer months is to upgrade your shingles. Modern shingle designs incorporate reflective granules that bounce the sun’s rays away. At the end of a long day, the redirected sunlight means a lot of extra heat averted as well. It will lower your heating bills.

* Ventilation sources – When we talk about warm weather, your attic can feel like a sauna if it is not adequately ventilated, and heat will start to seep into other rooms below. Using a variety of ventilation sources, from soffits vents to ridge vents, can efficiently disperse warm air during the summer without adding spinning vent tubes to the ceiling. You only need to talk to a professional roofer about your options and how you would like your new roof to look when completed.

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