What You Need to Know About Event Rigging

With hundreds of thousands of pounds hanging above a big audience, event organisers and venue hosts can’t afford to take risks when it comes to entertainment rigging. They need to ensure that the suspension of materials and equipment are tightly secured to ensure no harm or injuries happen. That’s why when it comes to making sure of the safety of your event, proper entertainment rigging is what you need.


What is Rigging?

Rigging is the process of ensuring that every piece of material that hangs above the event are secured and. It would include temporary structures built specifically for this purpose. Wires cords, chains, slings, lifting appliances and other related equipment are needed for a successful entertainment rigging job.


Legal Requirements

Like most industries, rigging at an event also has some regulation requirements issues by the federal city and state level. Majority of these standard regulations pertain to manufacturing designs, weight restrictions, and load capacity.


While any certification is not legally needed to rig an event, the experience is a must. Entertainment rigging companies here in Adelaide believe in the importance of safety and security. The people in charge should be liable to anything that happens during your rigging process. At the same time, event organisers need to make sure that the rigging company they hired are experienced and certified.



Before A Rigging Task Is Done

Entertainment rigging companies and their staff also go through a rigorous and strict assessment. Checkups and inspections are also made to ensure the health and overall wellbeing of professional technicians, crews, audiences,

Entertainment Riggingand the performers. Entertainment rigging covers different kinds of event venues like arenas, theatres, entertainment complexes, and much more.

The process of it starts with making sure the event venue is suitable for rigging. Some places take some time to make sure your audience is well-protected. That’s why certifications and detailing is required, along with detai

ling the establishment’s ceiling capacity to ensure that the overall rigging plan is implemented.


Entertainment rigging is crucial to ensure the safety and securityof both the event crew and the audience. These

people are highly trained to check and make sure that every material suspension placed over everybody is tightly secured and does not cause any potential harm. If you are interested in professional rigging services, call your local rigging company today and inquire about their services.