What Is A Baling Twine? Uses & Benefits

Are you in the hay-making industry? Are you looking to bundle up your hay and have them stacked neatly for future use? Are you looking for the best quality rope to get the job done? If so, look no further than choosing a baling twine for your rope needs. The ones offered by SilageWrap.com.au – Baling Twine is the best quality here in Australia. Get to know more about this type of product and learn why more and more people are relying on it to tie not just hay but other products as well.Baling Twine


What is a Baling Twine?


A baling twine, otherwise known as a baler twine, is a type of synthetic cord made up of strong fibrous material. It is mainly used to tie up other types of fibrous materials – commonly straw or hay into a more compact and stackable form.


What’s It Made Of?


Baling twinecommonly consists of the following materials:


  • 2% Wax
  • 9% Lignin
  • 12% Hemicellulose
  • 65% cellulose


Baling twine is also made up of all-natural properties that are made to prevent the absorption of dust or moisture. This feature keeps the cord strong, durable, and long-lasting. When it comes to shade, baler twines are mostly available in plain white colour, as this allows it to be dyed easily. You can also avail twines that have already been coloured by your favourite hue. In addition to that, baling strings are also recyclable and can serve other uses.




Baling twine is mainly produced to and used in the farming industry as a cord that helps bind hay or straw together. Using a baling twine to tie bales will usually result in square-like shapes that are then stacked together for storage or transport purposes. Other than that, baler twine functions like any other type of ropes and can fill in with any rope-related applications.





Baling twines are an all-natural rope sold in almost anywhere. It’s available in your local farm market, in the hardware store, or even online. At SilageWrap.com.au – Baling Twine, you can either go to our physical store or purchase your baling twine online at a convenient price.


Get Your Baling Twine Now


Baling twines are increasing in popularity not only in the farm industry butother areas as well. It’s a cord that can be used for all-around purposes, which can be an excellent addition not only to any haymakingbusiness but at home as well.